Ski Don’t

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Ski Don’t was my first entry for the Indies Vs PewDiePie jam on Gamejolt

(The name is a play on Ski-Doo, a brand of snowmobile. Unfortunately I decided to give him ice skates instead of skis so now the name make 0 sense)

It was originally planned as a 3D Game but due to the timezone difference and prior commitments I stated 16 hours late, so I went with a 2D character instead for the sake of speed. The gameplay remains much the same as it would have been if done in 3D: Keep the skier off the ground or you lose.

The skier is a ragdoll, similar to QWOP and GIRP, you can make him move by picking an extremity by holding down a key and moving the mouse (Think surgeon simulator both for the key to affect limb feature and the movement)

I had a hell of a time figuring out how to get hingejoint2D to work in unity, mostly my own fault though as I parented things to completely wrong other things. Plus it didn’t play nicely with custom pivots.

Once I did get the hang of it it was a simple enough task to put the skier together. Now for a little more information about the skier. Drawn in GIMP by using the hell out of the path tool for about 2 hours or so. I hate drawing as it takes me a while and I get horrible results, but what can you do.


The near-entirety of development can be seen in these 2 videos. It’s missing a few hours of coding and debugging (but nothing really major) and the music making process which I have in a seperate video still to be uploaded