Shield Yield

Shield Yield is the first game I fully released as Pelagic Reactor. It’s a Rhythmy, actiony kind of game, where the objective is to bounce the incoming projectiles off your shield while projecting your main body.

I had the idea for a few days before I started development but I was busy with college work (presentations and projects and whatnot). I was looking at the game jams on and spotted the ideal one that I could make it for, the 2-colours jam. As soon as I finished that college work I decided to challenge myself to make a game as quickly as I could (in the end I started it on Thursday and ended it on Saturday).

You can play it using this conveniently placed link:

A nicer version is on Gamejolt, Complete with leaderboards/high scores


For the future, I hope to add multiplayer (either local or networked, or ideally both) and leaderboards by using Facebook integration

Here’s the music to boot (Fun fact: I had to completely re-do the soundtrack because the first draft completely didn’t fit the game’s mood