Projects: Past, present and future

It’s a 3D endless runner set in space, where you rotate around the ground rather than move from side to side. Obstacles constantly come flying down the ground towards you with increasing difficulty as time progresses. Occasionally, powerups will spawn which the player can use to activate 1 of 5 benefits.

Shield Yield is the first game I fully released as Pelagic Reactor. It’s a Rhythmy, actiony kind of game, where the objective is to bounce the incoming projectiles off your shield while projecting your main body. Made as part of the 2 colors jam on

Ski don’t (A play on “Ski Doo” that became pointless as I decided to change to ice skates instead) was developed over the course of 64-ish hours as part of the #IndiesVsPewDiePie game jam on gamejolt. It’s a 2D ragdoll game with extremely confusing controls (or so I’ve been told) where you have to try to not fall down.

Clank tank on the other hand is the first game I developed as Pelagic Reactor. It’s an arena based tank game, but I’ve got a bit more work to do before it’s ready to release

  • Wrongcoming Traffic

Wrongcoming Traffic is an Endless Runner where you dodge obstacles in your car. It was developed from May to July 2014 as part of Chilled Banana Interactive.

  • Trip Toes

Trip Toes is a jam game made in 18 hours for the #IndiesVsGamers jam on It’s an endless 2D physics game.