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Custom Controllers

It all began with Flight Simulators. I was browsing on YouTube and at the top of the recommended sidebar there was a video entitled $50 overhead panel. After watching and some search engine queries I had found it out was relatively easily done with some low cost (and as it turned out, occasionally high cost) hardware and software.

Skill building

I wasn’t starting out completely blind thankfully.

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Painfully Slow

What’s the hold up?

It’s been a really long time since I started working on Orbital Advance (The earliest files and folder I can find are dated 18th of Feb 2015) and It’s not done yet. There’s no real reason why it’s not complete too which is the real kicker here. It’s a simple game, nothing incredibly challenging that I’ve never done before because a lot of the core gameplay was the exact same as in Wrongcoming traffic. There are a few new things I plan on using, such as pickups, Multiple stages and difficulty levels, and Unity ads, which requires a change in the was I design this game.

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He’s a pass.

I passed my pesky repeat exams at long last, so come October I’ll have my nice, shiny degree in games development (Computer science to be technical about it).

The offending exams were Rich Application Development (ASP.NET MVC sites with database access, AJAX and such other things we had no prior learning in, unlike the software development course) and a project for 3rd year.
The project I failed for a few reasons. The first time around, I was part of a group of 4 making an android app, but my laptop broke completely near the start of the year, meaning while the rest of the group were learning Java and android development for the first time together as a group, I was unable to do any of the work too as none of the college computers had the necessary software. When I did get a new laptop, I was unmotivated to learn it and in truth, a bit lazy about doing it.

Little contribution = fail.

The second time I failed was due to a rough game which I only worked on for a month (August) due to the simulated work placement I was doing that summer. Then in September I missed the slot for my presentation entirely by getting a time wrong in an email.
(The game was actually Clank Tanks)

Bad game, missed timeslot for presentation = fail

What allowed me to finally pass was Shield Yield, which, coincidentally, I started working on the day of the disastrous missed presentation.
I had no idea that I’d be presenting the re-repeat of the project in the spring, so I went from the space of having no project at all to quickly re-hashing an old game and making a full presentation and report in just 2 days


At any rate, I’m qualified at last.

Shield Yield is coming to Gamejolt

Decided it’s a better platform than considering I’m not selling games, but making free ones.

Upcoming features:

  • Leaderboards!
  • Achievements!

So in other words, a less meaningless score system! The current one is self contained i.e. You’re vying to beat your own score and that’s it. Hopefully with the addition of the leaderboards it might encourage competition a bit more


Putting a to-do list here for my own use:

  • Login
  • User details (Avatar, name)
  • Achievement triggering and publishing
  • Score publishing
  • More

About the snow game

I’m putting it on hold until I can decide on a proper style. It might not even be about a snowman after this.

I have an idea for a new way of drawing but I have no idea what the results will look like until I do it, so I’m spending the rest of the day thrashing it out.